Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winnie the Pooh Guess and Result

Winnie the Pooh Quiz guess and result

1. I believe that I most resemble Owl. Piglet would have been my second choice, but I am less timid than I am quiet, unlike Piglet.

2. You are Rabbit. You are clever, intelligent, and level-headed. You have close, loyal friendships, but you have a bit of a short temper when the people around you act foolishly.

3. I think that the quiz decided that I was Rabbit because I am not as pompous as Owl, but rather, as the results state, have a bit of a short temper when the people around me act foolish. I believe, after taking the quiz, that this definition best suits my personality and would have chosen Rabbit, had the definition from the first website matched that of the quiz. I believe that there were certain key questions in the quiz that may have had more weight than the others. For example, changing the last question changes my results. In conclusion, I believe that, by the quiz's definition, I most closely resemble the likes of Rabbit.

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