Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 4 Blog Post 1/30/13

     Yesterday, Tuesday the 29th, we received a sheet containing information on the 14th amendment. The  sheet also had questions on it that we were supposed to answer (mostly summarizing), before we were assigned to take 15 minutes to create a poster. The poster was meant to advertise the 14th amendment, by taking the perspective of a newspaper in that time period and advertising the page numbers for articles relating to the passage of the amendment. We were then given a short amount of time to present our poster and answer questions about it.
     Today in history, we used our textbook to study some of the plans for the reconstruction and re-entry in the the Union, of the South. The plans that we looked at were the Lincoln Plan (10 Percent Plan) and the Johnson Plan. We were then asked to create our own plan, using ideas from both plans (my plan focused more heavily on social equality than Lincoln's Plan). After that, on the back of the sheet, there was a blank map containing only the outlines of the Southern states that went to war. We were supposed to label each state, give its date of re-entry into the Union, and color code the map based on which states were led by which military leaders.

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