Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 2 Blog Post 1/28/13

     In E period history class on Friday, we took notes on the events leading up to, during, and after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. We mainly took notes on the planning of the assassination, but also learned how it unfolded and what happened afterwards. We did not discuss in detail why the assassination took place, but using context clues, it is pretty self-explanatory. We then discussed the political implications of such an act, like who took over after Lincoln and how this effected the course of reconstruction. After this, to end the class, we listened to an orchestral piece written by Aaron Copland, called "Lincoln Portrait".
     In class today, we went down to the library in order to use the computers to complete a series of worksheets. In the first worksheet, we looked into what it was like to be a white Southerner after the Civil War. We did so by looking at pictures of Sherman's destruction and reading statistics about certain states in the South. After we finished that worksheet, we were told to answer questions about a cartoon. We then had to fill out a sheet on the Black Codes in the South. These codes angered me due to the fact that emancipation in some way called for political equality, but they were still able to pass in order to harass the newly freed slaves. 

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