Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 2 Blog Post 2/6/13

     Yesterday in history, we were asked, what does equal mean. Most of the class immediately responded with the answer "the same," but some of us were left unsure after discussing this with Mr. Boyle playing "devil's advocate." After saying that equal meant the same, we were told that this would mean that African Americans would not receive special protection under law, so we then came to the conclusion that equal meant balanced.
     Today in history class, we first took 3 slides of notes on the black codes and Jim Crow Laws. We then filled out a sheet about sharecropping in the South and how it took advantage of sharecroppers and essentially made them slaves. We determined that farm owners took advantage of sharecroppers by selling the portion of crops belonging to the sharecroppers for very low prices. This caused the sharecroppers to go into debt and to have to continue to work for the farm owners to pay off their debts. After discussing this sheet, we gathered with our RSA animate partners to discuss our strategy for meeting and preparing for the upcoming dress rehearsal on Monday. During this time, we were allowed to ask questions about the RSA animate project and figure out just what it was that we had to have by Monday.

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