Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 2 Blog Post 2/25/13

     The Friday before vacation, we finished up our RSA Animate projects by recording them on the computer. After vacation, we paired up together in order to discuss the views of DuBois and Washington, two African American Civil Rights activists, DuBois being more radical and aggressive, and Washington playing to the wishes of the white man. Washington believed equality would come by succumbing to white pressure and starting out at the bottom to work your way up in society. DuBois believed that equality would only come if you seized it. Essentially, Washington believed in power through wealth and DuBois believed in the more immediate power through politics. After we were done reading a document about one of the two and answering questions, we switched partners in order to share our information. We then summed up the class by summarizing what each of the activists believed and which was the best solution.

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