Friday, September 7, 2012

3 artifacts from perspective of historian

Daniel Horgan
3 Artifacts to describe myself from the perspective of a historian

 After doing much research on Daniel Horgan, I have decided to use 3 artifacts to describe him, such as his hp pavillion dv5 laptop computer, his xbox 360 slim, and his homemade electric guitar. Although each one of these are electronic devices, I assure you that he was a very active, adventurous person. I chose his laptop to describe his interest in technolegy, as well as his interest in how that technolegy works, and his thirst for knowlege. From what I have gathered, I know that Dan was very interested in how the universe works, as shown in his internet history. He has used the internet many times to look up subjects such as the string theory, neuroscience, and in fact, any subject that he was interested or curious about. Daniel appeared to have an interest in the scientific fields, rather than other topics, but seemed to have exeptional knowledge on other subjects, such as math, English, or history. I chose his xbox 360 to describe him, because based on the games he chooses to play, he appears to find things with a better and more detailed plot more appealing, than ridiculous games that make no sense. For example, he would rather play Assassins Creed than Call of Duty, due to its well developed plotline and use of historical fiction, rather than Call of Duty, for its multiplayer and repetitiveness. It also describes his amount of free time (too much), as well as his self control (the ability to stop playing in order to complete schoolwork). Daniel appeared to enjoy video games in his down time, but did not obsess over them, as there were more important things for him to do. The third artifact that I have chosen to describe Daniel is his homemade electric guitar. He did not actually play guitar, but had an interest in the mechanics of how they work. After lots of hard work and perserverance, he was able to sucessfully create a guitar from scratch. This demonstrates his ability to work towards a goal with no immediate motivation or rewards. It also represents his interest in mechanical and electrical engineering, which he enjoyed almost as much as physics. Daniel had a complex personality, but did not have many things to describe that personality or his past. He was a mysterious person, but I'm glam that I was able to shed a bit of light on him.

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